We guide organizations toward high performance through active leadership in group problem-solving sessions, strategic planning, and interest-based bargaining. Utilizing the principles of the HPtE Strategy® and The 3Cs Model, we create a collaborative environment that ignites innovation and growth. This unique approach bridges the gap between ideas and success, aligning visions with achievable outcomes.

Here is a deeper dive into our facilitation services:

Group Problem Solving: Perfect for organizations tackling complex issues or obstacles, this service harnesses collective brainstorming and creative problem-solving. By applying the HPtE Strategy® and The 3Cs Model, we actively guide teams through a systematic process. This approach not only encourages diverse perspectives and fosters collaboration but also drives effective solutions. As a result, our process tackles immediate concerns while simultaneously enhancing the team’s ability to conquer future challenges.

Accelerated Interest-Based Problem-Solving: This is a specialized facilitation service that expedites the problem-solving process. It’s designed for organizations that need to make swift decisions without compromising the quality of outcomes. By focusing on the underlying interests of all parties involved, we can help navigate disagreements and find solutions that everyone supports.

Strategic Planning: Tailored to organizations aiming to chart their future direction, our strategic planning service goes beyond mere discussions. We actively engage in defining your vision, mission, and strategic objectives, always considering the equilibrium between Commercial Responsibility, Customer Value, and Culture. Moreover, we work closely with you to align the strategic plan with your organization’s values and goals, delivering not just a blueprint but clear guidance on effective implementation.

Interest Based Bargaining: This facilitation service targets dispute resolution and agreement negotiation, making it uniquely effective. By focusing on the interests of all parties rather than their positions, we drive outcomes that are mutually beneficial. This method proves particularly impactful in unionized workplaces, where it not only reduces industrial conflict but also minimizes grievances. It’s a win-win approach that resonates with our commitment to fostering harmony and collaboration.

Remember, these facilitation services are not standalone solutions – they’re part of the bigger picture of creating a culture of High Performance through Engagement. Each service is designed to complement and enhance the others, providing a holistic approach to improving your organization’s performance.

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