Our comprehensive training programs are designed to educate and inspire. From introducing The 3Cs Model to a deep dive into the HPtE Strategy® Framework, our workshops are tailored to your needs. We also offer specialized training in team building, group effectiveness, and interest-based problem-solving and negotiations.

Here’s more detail on our training workshops:

Introduction to The 3C’s Model: This foundational workshop introduces participants to the concepts of Commercial Responsibility, Customer Value, and Culture. It provides an overview of how these elements can synergize to drive high performance and engagement within an organization.

Discover HPtE Strategy®: This workshop offers a deeper dive into the High Performance through Engagement (HPtE) Strategy®. Participants will learn the ins and outs of this strategy, including how it integrates with The 3C’s Model and how it can be implemented in a practical way to enhance organizational performance.

Explore HPtE Strategy® Framework: This workshop is designed for participants who are ready to take the next step in applying the HPtE Strategy®. It explores the strategy in detail, teaching participants how to use it as a framework for improving efficiency and collaboration in their own organizations.

HPtE Strategy® Improvement Team Training: This workshop is intended for teams tasked with driving improvement within the organization. Participants will learn how to use the HPtE Strategy® to identify opportunities for improvement, implement changes, and measure the effectiveness of those changes.

HPtE Strategy® Practitioner Training: This training is designed for individuals who will be leading HPtE initiatives within their organizations. Participants will learn how to apply the strategy in real-world situations, manage potential obstacles, and measure and communicate the impact of their efforts.

HPtE Strategy® Leadership and Sponsorship: This workshop is designed for leaders who will be sponsoring HPtE initiatives. It provides the tools and knowledge necessary to effectively support these initiatives and to model the behaviours that drive high performance and engagement.

Team Building and Group Effectiveness: This workshop helps teams increase their effectiveness by improving collaboration and communication. Participants will learn how to leverage the strengths of each team member, manage conflicts constructively, and work together towards common goals.

Interest-Based Problem Solving and Negotiations: This workshop teaches a method of problem solving and negotiation that focuses on the interests of all parties rather than their positions. Participants will learn how to apply this approach in various situations, leading to solutions that are more likely to be accepted and implemented by all involved.

Customised Workshops

All our workshops are flexible and can be tailored to the specific needs and context of your organisation. We understand that every team and every business is unique, so we’re committed to working closely with you to customise our workshop content. Whether it’s adjusting the depth of information presented, incorporating relevant case studies from your industry, or focusing on particular challenges your team is facing, we’re here to make sure our training delivers maximum value. Your success is our success, and we’re dedicated to making our workshops a transformative experience for your team.