How to create an environment​ for breakthrough results in any team.

Team breakthroughs require a combination of skill and expertise,  constructive interpersonal behaviour and systems thinking. How big the breakthrough is depends on the quality of the decision, multiplied by the degree to which the decision is accepted by those who must implement it.  Quality and Acceptance is brought about through consensus decision making. Skill and … Continue reading How to create an environment​ for breakthrough results in any team.

What is Interest-Based Problem-Solving?

This blog post at clarifies what Interest-Based Problem-Solving is, provides some history and a few good references...It is estimated that employees spend 42% of their time engaging in or attempting to resolve conflict and 20% of Managers time is consumed with conflict related issues. Masters and Albright (2002), in The Complete Guide to Conflict … Continue reading What is Interest-Based Problem-Solving?

Team Development – Using Simulations

Survival Simulation Series exercises require team members to work together effectively to deal with life-threatening situations. These simulations can be used as icebreakers, to establish Constructive norms within a new work group, or to introduce members to the value of synergy or to gauge their synergistic problem-solving skills. How Simulations work Synergy occurs when the interactive … Continue reading Team Development – Using Simulations