Why a Personal Performance Coach?

Personal Performance Coaching will help you discover your thinking styles. Research by Human Synergistics International has established that certain "constructive styles" of thinking lead to: Feelings of satisfactionIncreased effectivenessImproved well-beingMore creativityReduced stressHigher salary levelsGreater job responsibilitiesProfessional success Other, more "defensive styles" of thinking, will act like a handbrake. A thinking coach will improve your personal … Continue reading Why a Personal Performance Coach?

What is Interest-Based Problem-Solving?

It is estimated that employees spend 42% of their time engaging in or attempting to resolve conflict and 20% of Managers time is consumed with conflict related issues. Masters and Albright (2002), in The Complete Guide to Conflict Resolution in the Workplace, point out that people thrive on conflict in most areas of their lives–football games, political debates, legal … Continue reading What is Interest-Based Problem-Solving?