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👉 helping you to navigate and resolve conflicts within complex, multi-stakeholder environments.

Our expertise lies in transforming challenging interactions or conflict into opportunities for collaboration, innovation and progress.

With over two decades of experience, we understand the nuances of stakeholder dynamics and are dedicated to facilitating constructive resolutions that lead to lasting harmony and enhanced organisational performance.

Discover how our tailored conflict resolution strategies, workshops and coaching can empower your team and organisation to thrive amidst complexity.

Here, you will find all you need to transform your organisation’s performance with innovative solutions guided by the proven expertise of Karl Perry, a High Performance through Engagement specialist.

Karl can support you on the journey towards high-performance leadership, team collaboration, increased organisational harmony and, ultimately, more prosperity.

Key Services Overview:


Master Conflict Resolution with Accelerated Interest-Based Problem-Solving and Negotiations.

Increase resilience with MYMindset®, MYLeadership® and MYCoaching®. All backed by Human Synergistics Assessments.

High Performance through Engagement Strategy

Achieve Organisational Excellence with a structure approach to Change using The 3Cs Model and HPtE Strategy®.

Client Success:

“I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working alongside Karl as we introduced a more collaborative workplace across Air New Zealand. Karl has a unique and extremely valuable skill set within the philosophy and practical implementation of High Performance Engagement.

He has rich and real capabilities in this space to think and engage strategically with internal and external stakeholders, build effective and improved working relationships, and facilitate workshops & training sessions across all levels of complex organisations.

His toolbox and methods, combined with his deep understanding of human and organisational psychology, enable him to be a trusted & impartial partner and advisor.

I would absolutely recommend Karl to any organisation serious about creating a High Performance Engagement workplace.“

Patrick Behrendt – General Manager of Continuous Improvement | Operations Research and PMO – Air New Zealand

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Teams have experienced being facilitated by Karl Perry and know what it feels like to be a High Performance Team.


Of the clients who hire Karl Perry use the services again and/or refer to other groups.


Years is how long Karl Perry has been facilitating, mediating, training, coaching, speaking and consulting.

Client Success:

“Thank goodness I had the good fortune of meeting Karl when I did! 

When I first met Karl I felt I was an ineffective leader, I felt I lacked influence, I couldn’t articulate myself as well as I used to be able – I was failing and I was struggling to get on top of things. Karl ‘coached’ (and challenged) me to identify and confront the way I think, which impacted on the way I behaved. 

Through a series of coaching sessions, my self-awareness started to grow – the whys became clearer and in a staged-approach, what I needed to do resulted in positive thinking and behaving. 

My ‘mojo’ is back! I have clarity, better balance, self-satisfaction, more decisive, I’m happy and I’m an effective leader again. We all need coaches or mentors in our lives to shine light on what we sometimes don’t see. 

Thank you Karl for your guidance and friendship, you are a fantastic being.”

Tina Harris-Ririnui – Bay Venues Limited

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