Our services can be categorized into four main areas:

1. Facilitation: 

We help organisations find their path to high performance by guiding group problem-solving sessions, conducting strategic planning, and assisting with interest-based bargaining. Our facilitation techniques are rooted in the principles of the HPtE Strategy® and The 3Cs Model, allowing us to create a collaborative environment for innovation and growth.

2. Training Workshops: 

Our comprehensive training programs are designed to educate and inspire. From introducing The 3Cs Model to a deep dive into the HPtE Strategy® Framework, our workshops are tailored to your needs. We also offer specialized training in team building, group effectiveness, and interest-based problem-solving and negotiations.

3. Coaching and Mentoring: 

We provide personalized coaching and mentoring services aimed at developing personal and professional leadership skills. Our experienced coaches guide individuals through a transformative journey, using tools like MYMindset®, MYLeadership® 360°, and MYCoaching®.

4. Assessments: 

We offer a range of assessments designed to identify areas of strength and areas for improvement within your organisation. From assessing personal thinking styles to analysing leadership impact and organisational culture, our assessment services provide valuable insights that inform your strategic planning.

Throughout all of our services, we are driven by our mission to help organisations achieve a balance of commercial responsibility, customer value, and culture, thereby leading to more harmony, performance, and prosperity. Our approach is customised to the unique needs and culture of your organisation, ensuring the solutions we provide are both relevant and effective.