We offer a range of assessments designed to identify areas of strength and areas for improvement within your organisation. From assessing personal thinking styles to analysing leadership impact and organisational culture, our assessment services provide valuable insights that inform your strategic planning.

Our assessment services are designed to provide individuals, teams, and organizations with deep insights into their functioning, performance, and potential. These assessments are vital in identifying areas of improvement and formulating effective strategies for development and growth.

Personal Thinking Styles (Self-Assessments):

These assessments provide insight into how individuals think and make decisions. Understanding one’s thinking style can greatly improve problem-solving abilities and decision-making skills.

Leadership Behaviour (360 Degree): This assessment involves collecting feedback from all around an individual (supervisors, peers, and subordinates). It provides a holistic view of a leader’s abilities, effectiveness, and areas that need improvement.

Leadership Impact: This assessment measures the impact of a leader’s behavior on the culture and performance of their team or organization. It helps leaders understand how their actions and decisions contribute to the overall functioning of the organization.

Group Behaviour (Team Assessments): These assessments evaluate the dynamics and effectiveness of a team. It provides insights into team cohesion, communication patterns, conflict resolution, and overall team productivity.

Organisational Culture and Effectiveness (OCI and OEI): These assessments gauge the health of your organizational culture and its effectiveness. They provide a snapshot of your organization’s values, norms, and systems, and how they influence organizational performance.

These assessments serve as powerful tools for identifying gaps, setting goals, and formulating strategies for personal, team, and organizational development. They facilitate the creation of a roadmap for continuous improvement and high performance.