… it is difficult to work out what to do to increase your leadership performance and even harder to work out how to go about it. The challenge is even bigger if you are already successful.

Human Synergistics International believes that “if you are provided with accurate information about the way you think, you can bring about positive change in your behaviour, and increase your overall effectiveness. The more you know about how you think and behave, the better prepared you are to improve your performance.”

The Life Styles Inventory 1™ [LSI 1] helps with that knowledge. The greatest value of LSI 1 lies in the fact that no other self-assessment tool actually reveals and measures the thinking and behavioural styles that help or hinder you in fulfilling more of your potential.

Coaching is well established as a means to deliver on the changes you want.  Just ask any successful person. The problem with coaching is that it takes time, a good coach is expensive and few of them will guarantee their results.

I believe high performance thinking requires self knowledge, clarity and velocity.

I also believe that my clients should only pay for the value they perceive they get.

Here is my offer:

Part 1:

In one three hour session my clients will gain a deeper insight into their own performance as a Leader and will know exactly what they need to work on to fulfil more of their true potential, no matter how successful they already are.

Part 2:

My client’s only pay for the value they perceive they get. If they get no value they pay nothing. If it is the best session they have ever had they pay the full price ($1200 + GST). They choose how much they pay depending on the value they get – no questions asked.

Warning – My approach does get results:

This is feedback from a Senior Leader to their HR Department in a large corporate :

“Just wanted to share this amazing experience I have had today in doing a deep dive with my LSI results.

My last LSI was done in May 2011, so some time ago. At the time I was given a very brief overview of what the results meant and was left to my own devices to do with this as I saw fit. Fair to say that I haven’t spent much time understanding the results as it didn’t make sense to me!

Today (2013) I have spent 3 hours with Karl Perry actually understanding what the result meant and what my areas of focus need to be to enable me to be an amazing leader in our business. This 3 hour session was one of the best self development opportunities I have had as a leader and I really want to recommend that when we invest in LSI for our people that we allow them to have this experience.

I can’t speak highly enough for what Karl has done for me today.

Rebecca Paterson

There is only one thing left for you to do – Contact me for a chat.

Email me: karl@yourthinkingcoach.com

This offer is currently only available in the wider Auckland area of New Zealand.

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