We are in the middle of one of the most profound shifts in human history, where the primary work of mankind is moving from the Industrial Age of “control” to the Knowledge Worker Age of “release.”

Stephen R Covey

“The smartness we need is collective. We need cities that work differently. We need industrial sectors that work differently. We need value change and supply change that are managed from the beginning until the end to purely produce social, ecological, and economic well-being. 

That is the concept of intelligence we need, and it will never be achieved by handful of smart individuals. It’s not about ‘the smartest guys in the room.’ It’s about what we can do collectively. So the intelligence that matters is collective intelligence, and that’s the concept of ‘smart’ that I think will really tell the tale.”

Peter Senge

“We haven’t got the money, so we’ll have to think”

Ernest Rutherford

As we move out of the ‘industrial age’ and into the ‘knowledge age’ collective problem solving and clear thinking is the key to unlocking breakthrough success for every individual, team and organisation.