Hi, I am Karl. I am a Facilitator, and I Coach.

For more than 25 years, I have been working with people, helping them improve their satisfaction with their working relationships. I have always been fascinated by people and how we work.

It started with formal training in psychology and education. My first application of this led me to work on an Indian reserve in Canada as a child welfare officer. I learnt a lot about prejudice, discrimination and human struggle from that. When I returned to New Zealand, I worked with a consulting company on a “Sevice Excellence” initiative for Children and Young Persons Service. This was my first foray into organisational performance.

In 2000, I started up a small employment relations practice providing employment law, industrial relations and human resource advice and support. Then, in 2005, I discovered systems thinking. At that time, the New Zealand government was focused on workplace productivity. The application of ‘systems thinking’ to the ‘human system’ to increase workplace productivity was a natural evolution for me.

Since then, I have supported hundreds of organisations, teams and individuals to develop better working relationships through a range of collective problem solving and coaching methodologies based on systems thinking. The most recent of these is Interest-Based Problem-Solving.

Over time, my practice led me to understand that I was helping people to think clearly with speed. In a fast-changing world, this is important. Many described what they experience as having a “breakthrough”. And so, my tag line “YourThinkingCoach.com – Bringing Clarity at Velocity for Your next Breakthrough®” came to exist.

Along the way, I have worked with many amazing people on a variety of important projects. We have worked together, learnt from each other, made our contribution and achieved great success together.

I welcome the opportunity to connect with you and, if I can be of service, please contact me. 

In the meantime find out what others have to say about me from my testimonials.