I provide customised facilitation and coaching services tailored to individual, team and organisational goals.

Facilitation of Complex Problems

I facilitate collective groups of ‘Subject Matter Experts’ to solve those ‘wicked’ problems that deliver competitive advantage.

Group Effectiveness Training

I teach group effectiveness, collective problem solving methods and decision making. This training can include, but is not limited to, Interest-Based Problem-Solving (IBPS), Theory of Constraints Thinking Processes (TOCTP) or the popular “Survival” exercises and use of the “Group Style Inventory™” (GSI) from Human Synergistics International.

Collective Bargaining

I facilitate Interest Based Bargaining for when you need a third party to support tricky or stalled negotiations.

Independent Mediation

I mediate employment problems using a form of accelerated Interest-Based Problem-Solving designed to build constructive working relationships.

Prioritisation of Improvement Initiatives

I bring focus to teams who have hundreds of potential improvements they could make but are not sure (or can’t agree) where to start for the best return on investment of effort.

Leadership Development

I use a combination of systems thinking and the robustness of behavioural assessments from Human Synergistics International (Life-Style Inventory™) to coach accelerated personal and professional growth:

Organisational Culture Assessment

As an Accredited Practitioner, I am backed by a global leader in organisational culture assessment, and the world’s most widely used tools for measuring organisational culture – The Human Synergistics International Organisational Culture Inventory® (OCI®) and Organisational Effectiveness Inventory (OEI).

Assessing Customer Service

I can help you with the Customer Service Style™ assessment to provide you with invaluable information that you and your team can use to boost the quality of service delivered by the people who deal directly with your customers.

A network of Agile, Lean, TOC and Design Thinking Consultants

I can’t know everything, so I have developed a community of continuous improvement experts to learn from and to help support your journey to sustainable high performance.

Collaborative budgeting

Money is the lifeblood of every organisation. Traditional budgeting processes can, and usually do, cause more competition for time and money and work against sustainable high performance. I work with a chartered accountant who understands traditional accounting practices and how to safely make a transition to practices that support sustainable high performance.

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