Personal Leadership Coaching is a tailored, one-to-one developmental experience for individuals wanting to improve their personal effectiveness.  Personal Leadership Coaching is ideal for those who have completed their careerCENTRE assessment as well as for those who aspire to senior leadership positions.

Personal Leadership Coaching provides a comprehensive assessment, feedback, and coaching package.


  • A comprehensive self assessment profile using the Life Styles Inventory 1™ (LSI 1)
  • A 360-degree assessment profile using the Life Styles Inventory 2™ (LSI 2)
  • 3 x face-to-face feedback and goal-setting sessions
  • Ongoing coaching through a personal 24/7 online forum with your coach (free)
  • Coaching in person (as required)
  • Review of progress towards goals


Personal Leadership Coaching sessions are typically held monthly over 12 months, according to the individuals needs and work schedule.

Read more:   Life  Styles Inventory 2™ (LSI 2)

 Case Studies

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