Everyone at some point in their professional development wonders how they are doing. Feedback plays an important role in this self-realisation process. As individuals, we have our own perceptions as to how effective we believe we are in the workplace.

But what about the impact your behaviour has on others? Do they see the same qualities in you as you see in yourself?

As we work to become better leaders and managers, one of our most serious difficulties is
our lack of feedback. Looking at ourselves through others’ eyes provides information essential to the self-development process.

Often what we mean to do is not what others see. Learning the difference can greatly enhance our self-awareness and improvement. And this is what the LSI 2 aims to achieve.

You will have learned something about how you see yourself if you have completed the first of Human Synergistics’ self-assessment tools – the Life Styles Inventory 1™ (LSI 1). With the results of this tool you discovered what thinking styles influenced your behaviour, and how they contributed to your overall effectiveness. No matter how honest you were in completing the LSI 1, your self-perception may be very different from the way others describe your behaviour.

Used in conjunction with LSI 1, the LSI 2 provides objective feedback on an individual’s behaviour patterns as interpreted by others. You can combine these insights with what you know about yourself to more accurately assess your strengths – as well as areas in which you may want to improve. And the LSI 2 provides a confidential, reliable method of gathering feedback and a non-threatening way of presenting it.

LSI 1 and 2 requires one-on-one interpretation with an accredited practitioner.

At YourThinkingCoach.com we combine the LSI 2 with the another systems methodology called the TOC Thinking Processes.

The TOC Thinking Processes are a suite of logic trees that provide a roadmap for change. They guide the user through the decision making process of problem structuring, problem identification, solution building, identification of barriers to be overcome, and implementation of the solution.

The combination of the LSI measurement tools and the TOC Thinking Processes allows our clients to develop a Personal Strategy and three supporting Objectives that will logically improve the level of constructive behaviour and remove the undesirable effects of learnt passive defensive and aggressive defensive behavioural styles.

From this Personal Strategy and the three Objectives individuals can develop an action plan to deliberately create new experiences that will reinforce the new desired behaviour and reduce the reliance on the old undesired behaviour.

The Life Styles Inventory™ 1&2 with Breakout Profiles includes:

  • LSI 1 Self-Description Inventory
  • Up to 12 LSI 2 Description by Others Inventories
  • LSI 1 & 2 Self-Development Guide
  • LSI 1 & 2 Profile Supplement
  • LSI 1 & 2 Raw Scores Summary Sheets
  • LSI 1 & 2 Individual Feedback Reports (includes LSI 1 & 2 Item by Item Report and LSI 2 Breakout Circumplex Comparison)

Life Styles Inventory™ 1&2 requires a minimum of one face to face one-on-one session with an accredited and experienced coach.

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