Traditional personality profiles such as Myers- Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI), FIRO B, DiSC® and Hogan instruments are very useful in terms of providing in-depth information when used in individual coaching sessions with an experienced and accredited coach. Tools like Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI) are also excellent for measuring and describe thinking preferences in people.

Our preference is to use the Human Synergistics range of tools.  Human Synergistics provides an Integrated Development System – a multi-level system for human performance measurement and development.  The system highlights the relationship between the individual, the group and the organisation in creating effective change programs, both from an individual and a cultural perspective.

In addition, the Human Synergistics “How culture works” model is well aligned to the systemic thinking and learning approach we use to coach breakthrough results.

The Human Synergistics distinctive Circumplex forms the foundation of their system and is a quantitative measurement instrument providing a common language and theme to link these multi-level development efforts.

Integrated Development System

At we combine the profiling tools we use with another systems methodology called the TOC Thinking Processes.

The TOC Thinking Processes are a suite of logic trees that provide a roadmap for change.

They guide the user through the decision making process of problem structuring, problem identification, solution building, identification of barriers to be overcome, and implementation of the solution.

The combination of the measurement tools and the TOC Thinking Processes allows our clients to develop Strategy and Objectives that will logically improve the level of constructive thinking and behaviour and reduce the reliance of learnt passive defensive and aggressive defensive styles.

From these Strategies and Objectives people can develop action plans that deliberately create new experiences that will reinforce the new desired behaviour.

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360 Degree Profiling

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