Karl Perry’s approach is unique in several ways:

Holistic Approach:

This approach doesn’t just focus on one aspect of an organization. He helps you look at your organization as a whole, including its commercial responsibility, customer value, and cultural aspects. This holistic view enables you to identify systemic conflicts that might be hidden but have a significant impact on the organization’s performance.

Conflict as the Central Constraint:

While traditional applications of the Theory of Constraints often focus on tangible operational issues, Karl helps you identify intra-personal, inter-personal, and systemic conflicts as the primary constraints that limit organizational performance. This focus on the human element of business is a distinctive aspect of the approach.

Powerful Combination of Tools:

The integration of the Theory of Constraints tools like the Evaporating Cloud with psychological assessments like the Life Styles Inventory™, along with Interest Based Problem Solving and the Group Styles Inventory™, creates a potent mix of methods to resolve conflicts at every level.

Accelerated Interest Based Problem Solving:

IBPS is a proven methodology for delivering high performance through engagement, but it is traditionally very slow. Karl uses the Evaporating Cloud method, the Pre-requisite Tree from the Theory of Constraints, and the Group Styles Inventory™ from Human Synergistics International to significantly accelerate Interest Based Problem Solving and Negotiations. This saves time and money during the process and means that results can be delivered faster.

The 3C’s Model:

The 3C’s Model is a proprietary framework developed by Karl Perry that explains the inherent tension between commercial responsibility, customer value and culture. It explains the systemic conflict in a way that everyone in an organization can understand. It is the foundation of the HPtE Strategy®.

The HPtE Strategy®:

Karl developed the High Performance through Engagement Strategy (HPtE Strategy®) as a means to communicate the steps to finding synergy between the 3C’s. It provides a pathway for implementation.

Personalized Coaching Programs:

The MYMindset® and MYLeadership® coaching programs offer customized, in-depth developmental paths that build leadership capabilities, improve communication, and foster self-awareness.

Expertise in Creating a Constructive Culture:

Most organizations have expertise in Commercial Responsibility, Operations and Customer Value. Karl brings deep knowledge and experience in human systems and cultural transformation to supplement and support your existing HR Team. His focus is on transferring knowledge and skills into the organization. Karl is an Accredited Practitioner in the Organizational Culture Inventory (OCI) and the Organizational Effectiveness Inventory (OEI) from Human Synergistics International.

These elements come together to create an approach beyond traditional business coaching, instead focusing on fostering deep, lasting changes that resonate throughout the organization.