The 3C’s that Karl Perry refers to are Commercial Responsibility, Customer Value, Culture. Here’s a bit more about each and how they might apply to your business:

  1. Commercial Responsibility: This is about the financial health and sustainability of your business. It involves making decisions that ensure your company’s profitability, meeting financial obligations, investing wisely, and effectively managing resources. Karl Perry can help your business identify and resolve any systemic conflicts that might be impacting your commercial responsibility.
  2. Customer Value: This refers to the perceived benefit that your customers receive from your products or services. It’s essential to continually deliver high-quality products or services that meet or exceed customer expectations. Through conflict resolution and improved team collaboration, your business can enhance its ability to provide superior value to your customers.
  3. Culture: This concerns the overall work environment and the behaviors, attitudes, and values that characterize your organization. A constructive culture fosters employee engagement, innovation, and productivity. With Karl Perry’s coaching programs and conflict resolution methods, your business can cultivate a more constructive culture that supports your employees and encourages peak performance.

The 3C’s are interconnected, and a change in one can impact the others. For example, an improvement in your company Culture could lead to increased productivity and better customer service (Customer Value), which in turn could enhance your bottom line (Commercial Responsibility). Thus, managing these three areas effectively is crucial for the overall success of your business.

The 3C’s are the foundation of The 3C’s Model and the HPtE Strategy®.