“Thank goodness I had the good fortune of meeting Karl when I did!

When I first met Karl I felt I was an ineffective leader, I felt I lacked influence, I couldn’t articulate myself as well as I used to be able – I was failing and I was struggling to get on top of things. Karl ‘coached’ (and challenged) me to identify and confront the way I think, which impacted on the way I behaved.

Through a series of coaching sessions, my self-awareness started to grow – the whys became clearer and in a staged-approach, what I needed to do resulted in positive thinking and behaving.

My ‘mojo’ is back! I have clarity, better balance, self-satisfaction, more decisive, I’m happy and I’m an effective leader again. We all need coaches or mentors in our lives to shine light on what we sometimes don’t see.

Thank you Karl for your guidance and friendship, you are a fantastic being.”