“I had the privilege of working with Karl to overhaul and re-engage a pilot workforce that had started to feel disenfranchised. This disenfranchisement had taken place over a number of years and the trust had broken down to the extent that industrial action was undertaken. This industrial action was unique and that the trust between the pilots and management had been lost.

Following the industrial action there were two possible ways forward. One was continue in the old way, and hope it got better or try something radical. As with all changes they are unique and require unique skill sets. These unique skills were what Karl brought to the situation. It was clear that a mindset change based not solely on individuals our individual relationships but one built around process would be the only way forward.

Karl, brought that capability along with the capability of articulating a new concept and what it would mean to both the Company and employees. This articulation and the coaching that Karl invested into the process showed significant results in a short space of time. Whilst trust would only come with time, the work Karl put into us saw the first pay deal following industrial action delivered to a satisfactory conclusion for both parties. This conclusion was only possible as a result of working together to overcome mutual obstacles.

The work that Karl did was not only invaluable to the Company but also brought a new sense of involvement to the pilots. Whilst the concepts that Karl coaches are simple, the way that Karl delivers them is key to an understanding that no matter what challenge is presented it can be overcome for the benefit of both the Company and employees.”