“NZALPA recommended Karl to Air New Zealand when they were seeking external High Performance Engagement facilitators in late 2014.  He was the highest scoring candidate and has successfully facilitated a number of challenging issues using the HPE approach that NZALPA has had direct involvement in – including the establishment of a HPE Jet Pilot Steering Committee, a base closure (involving multiple union parties) and a number of complex contractual issues.”

Within NZALPA, he has facilitated staff team building sessions, strategic planning, a recent structural review of NZALPA sponsored by the Board of Management and coached senior leaders within the organisation.

Moving from a traditional combative and conflict-based relationship toward a more collaborative approach is not an easy task.  Karl is able to remain a neutral and impartial facilitator while guiding the parties through sometimes complex and emotive problem solving.

I can personally recommend Karl as a consultant, facilitator and as a leadership coach.