Every successful business has three things in their strategy:

  • Commercial Responsibility
  • Customer Value
  • Culture

These are “The 3C’s” of business performance. 

Here’s the thing. It is not just about finding balance. A three-legged stool works because there is tension between the three legs. Learning to harness that tension is the key to high performance.

“The thing for me is recognising that, as a business leader, you have a responsibility to lead a company for the future, leaving it in a better place in five, 10, 15, or 20 years’ time. My job is to make sure that commercials are strong, the customer experience is great, the culture of the organisation is constantly improving.”

Christopher Luxon, Previous CEO of Air New Zealand

The High Performance through Engagement Strategy (HPtE Strategy®) provides a road map that supports clients with strategic guidance and a communication tool as they implement their High-Performance Engagement initiative.

  • It clearly explains the tension between Commercial Responsibility, Customer Value and Culture.
  • Shows the current reality when there is conflict and tension between the 3C’s
  • Shows you the future reality when you harness that tension
  • Explains the 7 levels of transformation that are the HPtE Strategy®.

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