NEW Ground Rules: Unlocking High Performance Teams in the Room and on Zoom.

High Performance Teams handle high stakes meetings better, faster and more cost-effectively.

We all know when our Teams are not working well. You see people:

  • Blaming
  • Being Defensive
  • Distracted
  • Withdrawing (or not even showing up)
  • Withholding information
  • Being oppositional
  • Dominating
  • Playing politics
  • Talking over each other
  • Driving personal agendas
  • Winging it (because they didn’t prepare)
  • Falling asleep

If you can’t facilitate these behaviours in a Room, you will struggle to do it on Zoom.

Karl Perry is an expert meeting facilitator, coach and trainer. Author of the HPtE Strategy® Framework he provides strategic mentoring and presents on High Performance through Engagement and Workplace Performance.

If your organisation is like most, you are already placing a greater focus on teamwork rather than individual decision making. This focus makes productive teamwork critical to success, which means you must work constructively and effectively with others.

The most effective way to achieve this is to have a set of Ground Rules and use a Rational Problem Solving Process. But, not any set of Ground Rules will do. If your Team does not own them they will not use them and, if they don’t use them you will end up with the behaviours listed above.

Some Options

Free Webinar Recording

I presented a free webinar that explained my Ground Rules process. Connect with me on LinkedIn and ask me to send you the link to the recording.

Paid Webinar Recording (with slides, transcript and discussion)

This is the free webinar above with the addition of the slides, a transcript and the ability to ask questions through a discussion forum.

Coming Soon – The book

Your Do It Yourself option:

NEW Ground Rules: Unlocking High Performance Teams in the Room and on Zoom.

Team meetings twice as fast at half the cost with three times the impact.

If you want your Team to make decisions that you will be proud of quickly and efficiently then this book is for you.

Includes a BONUS Chapter on how to accelerate Interest Based Problem Solving and finding solutions that meet all stakeholder needs.

The first version of this book will be online and interactive. Register below if you want immediate access when it is published.

Yes please, I want access to “NEW Ground Rules: Unlocking High Performance Teams in the Room and on Zoom” so my Team can be twice as fast at half the cost with three times the power.

Team Ground Rules Workshop

In the Room or on Zoom, the Team Ground Rules Workshop will leave your Team with a customised set of ground rules unique to them. Create a foundation for constructive and authentic conversations.

Professional Meeting Facilitation

In the Room or on Zoom, having a professional meeting facilitator is like having a professional coach. When the stakes are high and you are in the finals you don’t leave your coach at home. Don’t leave your next high stakes meeting to chance.

“I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working alongside Karl as we introduced a more collaborative workplace across Air New Zealand. Karl has a unique and extremely valuable skill set within the philosophy and practical implementation of High Performance Engagement.

He has rich and real capabilities in this space to think and engage strategically with internal and external stakeholders, build effective and improved working relationships, and facilitate workshops & training sessions across all levels of complex organisations.

His toolbox and methods, combined with his deep understanding of human and organisational psychology, enable him to be a trusted & impartial partner and advisor.

I would absolutely recommend Karl to any organisation serious about creating a High Performance Engagement workplace.“

Patrick Behrendt – General Manager (SVP) of Continuous Improvement | Includes Operations Research and PMO – Air New Zealand

Karl makes complex problems simple, using an Interest Based Problem solving approach.

The unique thing about Karl is that he runs a very robust process, without making the process obvious. Instead, he facilitates effective communication between parties that would otherwise be at conflict, and by working through some simple steps, comes up with solutions that everyone can live with.

Karl maintains energy, enthusiasm and skill throughout the process. He is nimble in his approach, changing direction to meet the needs of the team. He is also an expert in diffusing emotion so teams can focus on the facts.

I would highly recommend Karl as a Facilitator, Coach and business ally.”

Lois Cameron – Senior HR Manager – Christchurch Engine Centre, part of the Pratt & Whitney Group

Karl’s Success


Teams have experienced being facilitated by Karl and know what it feels like to be a High Performance Team.


Of the clients who hire Karl use his services again and/or refer him to other groups.


Years is how long Karl has been facilitating, mediating, training, coaching, speaking and consulting.

need more?

Read Testimonials from satisfied clients:

“I don’t know if he was born this way, or he somehow learned it, but Karl is IMHO astonishingly clever about how people work.

He uses this skill, combined with Eli Goldratt’s ToC Thinking Processes, to help individuals and groups gain unique insights into what they need to change, what they need to change to and, how to implement change in order to achieve sustainable high performance.

He uses his approach – called High Performance through Engagement Strategy (HPtE Strategy®) – to help clients across the globe, providing strategic guidance, operational support, facilitation, mediation, culture measures, psychometric assessments, coaching and training.

He is – literally – an astonishingly good thinking coach.

Clarke Ching – Author of ‘The BottleNeck Rules’, ‘Rolling Rocks Down Hill’, ‘Rocks into Gold’ and ‘Six Lessons’ a MasterClass with Eli Goldratt.