You know there is more to life than what you are experiencing right now. You don’t have too feel stuck any more. You can stop seeking.

Introducing the Mastery Series with the Life Styles Inventory

Our coaching programmes: MYMindset®, MYLeadership® and MYLeadership® – 360° are designed to accelerate your growth and improve your problem solving ability.

We will start with world-class psychological assessment. The Life-Styles Inventory™ from Human Synergistics International to give you the data, then we will use a proprietary approach drawing from a wide range of proven practices in psychology, philosophy, sociology, motivation and productivity to help you find your breakthrough.

Combining the world-class assessments with powerful systems thinking to achieve breakthrough results!

Life Styles Inventory™ (1 & 2)

The Life Styles Inventory™ is a tool that uses both self-assessment and colleague feedback to empower people to become better at and enjoy more from everything they do.

Designed for managers, leaders and team members, the tool has helped millions of people to identify their individual thinking and behavioural styles so they can understand and change them to better suit their environment and the outcome they wish to achieve.

the Human Synergistics Circumplex

A picture tells a thousand words, and the Human Synergistics Circumplex is certainly testament to that.

This practical visual assessment gives you the data you need for new insights into your thinking styles and your behaviour.

The tool will help you to:

  • See the thinking and behavioural styles that are driving the performance of people and groups in your organisation, as well as the organisation itself.
  • Access a common language that you can use to quantify and discuss individuals’, teams’, managers’, and leaders’ behavioural styles and approaches, as well as to look at the culture of your organisation.
  • Create a foundation for developing your people, improving performance, and enriching your culture.

Proven Practices

The thing that sets our programmes apart is the synthesis of proven practices in psychology, philosophy, sociology, motivation and productivity.

Unlike other coaching programs MYMindset® and MYLeadership® are based on Socratic methodology combined with modern science. Through a structured process we help you to discover new ways of being and behaving.

The Mastery Series will teach you a fool proof dilemma-busting set of thinking tools that were discovered in a completely unrelated industry (that few people know about!). And it’s going to change the way you deal with internal conflict. Not just throughout the programmes but for the rest of your life.

You’ll never see a dilemma or paradox the same way again because you’ll actually be able to solve it and find that elusive “third option” every time you feel cornered by your constraints.

As part of your MYMindset® or MYLeadership® journey, you’ll get access to the world-class Life-Style Inventory™ (LSI) assessment not just once, but twice. One at the very beginning to create a benchmark and one at the end to measure your change. Unlike personality profiling, the LSI measures your growth and development.

No other self-assessment tool uses the same level of precision to measure the thinking and behavioural styles that are helping or hindering you.

When you get the second LSI assessment, you’ll be able to see the change in your mindset and the progress you’ve made.

Introducing Karl Perry, creator of the Mastery Series

Over the past 20 years, I’ve worked across the globe with clients who are seeking to become High Performance Organisations. Through my propriety HPTE Strategy® framework, MYMindset®, MYLeadership® and MYCoaching® programmes I provide strategic guidance, facilitation, training and coaching. 

I have literally helped hundreds of people change their thinking and behaviour with the Life Styles Inventory™. 

And now I’ve taken my years of top-tier consulting expertise to create three best-in-class private and exclusive one-on-one coaching experiences. 

Use the Life Styles Inventory™ and System Thinking to develop your Leaders and Teams.

YourThinkingCoach practitioners are experienced in helping organisations use the Life Styles Inventory™ for improved performance of their leaders and teams. We work with leaders to deliver the profiling tool, analyse the data and provide meaningful insights into how they can improve the workplace environment and culture.

There are three programmes that use the Life Styles Inventory™.

Click the titles to learn more (the links will take you to our High Performance Centre):


Master Your Mindset is the foundation programme. It includes the world-class self-assessment from Human Synergistics International – the Life Styles Inventory™ 1.


Master Your Leadership builds on the foundation programme and adds feedback from others in a safe and useable way. It includes the Life Styles Inventory™ 1 & 2.

MYLeadership® 360°

Master Your Leadership Plus is a corporate offering that adds a 360-degree feedback. It includes the Life Styles Inventory™ 1 & 2 with breakout profiles.

What happens next?

Choose your programme

MYMindset® is the foundation programme and includes LSI 1.

MYLeadership® and MYLeadership 360° both include LSI 2.

Complete the Life Styles Inventory™ assessments.

The best way to start any coaching programme is with reliable data about how you think and behave. This is literally a picture of your mindset!

We will be using the Life Styles Inventory to help you develop Constructive thinking and behavioral styles that are proven to be related to job performance, quality of interpersonal relationships, and problem-solving effectiveness.

Supported by Human Synergistics International, a world leader in psychological assessment for over 50 years.

Develop a personal plan and take action

Using systems thinking over five personal coaching sessions you will take a deep dive into your current mindset or behaviour styles. You will develop three objectives and a personal strategy to help you achieve your desired future. Along the way you will have professional support to help you take action.

Re-test and celebrate

You will know you have succeeded by the real results you are experiencing in your life and you will have measurable proof that your mindset has changed.

It will be time to celebrate!

Choose your programme today.

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The Life Styles Inventory™ helps individuals to develop Constructive thinking and behavioural styles that are proven to be related to job performance, quality of interpersonal relationships, and problem-solving effectiveness.
Life Styles Inventory™ Research and development by Robert A. Cooke, Ph.D. and …