Here is a summary of the main models, frameworks, methods and tools we use:

The 3Cs Model

The 3Cs Model is a proprietary framework developed by Karl Perry that explains the inherent tension between Commercial Responsibility, Customer Value and Culture. It explains the systemic conflict in a way that everyone in an organization can understand. It is the foundation of the HPtE Strategy® and increasing harmony in an organization.

Learn more about The 3Cs Model: The 3C’s Model and Sustainable Success: A Deep Dive

HPtE Strategy®

The High Performance through Engagement (HPtE Strategy® or HPtE) is a framework that creates a pathway for organizations to achieve sustainable high performance. It provides a systematic approach to finding synergy between the 3Cs and embedding IBPS in the organization’s operations.

The HPtE Strategy® offers a roadmap to navigate this synthesis effectively. It’s a strategic guide and communication tool that supports clients implementing their High-Performance Engagement initiative. It aids in understanding the intricate interplay between the 3C’s and illustrates both the current reality where conflict and tension might exist, and the future scenario where this synthesis can be harnessed for mutual benefit.

Some methodologies we use include:

Interest-Based Problem-Solving (IBPS):

Karl Perry uses this method to reduce interpersonal conflict between specialists or teams. It focuses on understanding the underlying interests of all parties involved rather than their initial positions, which allows for more effective and mutually beneficial solutions.

Evaporating Cloud Method:

This method, derived from the Theory of Constraints, is a tool used to identify and challenge underlying assumptions causing a conflict. It aids in finding solutions that evaporate the conflict and clear the way for progress.

Three Cloud Method:

Also, from the Theory of Constraints, this method is used to identify key leverage points for optimization, which can maximize the return on investment of effort, time, and money.

Group Styles Inventory™:

This tool supports behavioural awareness that is critical to group performance. It’s used to accelerate the process of Interest-Based Problem Solving.

Organizational Culture Inventory® (OCI®)

The Organizational Culture Inventory® (OCI®) is used to measure harmony within an organization.

MYMindset® and MYLeadership® Coaching Programs:

These proprietary coaching programs combine various tools like the Evaporating Cloud, Three Cloud Method, and the Life Styles Inventory. They are designed to foster self-awareness, improve communication, and build leadership capabilities, which all contribute to a more harmonious and productive work environment.

Journaling Challenge

Karl created a 21-Day Journaling Challenge for himself and found it so useful he decided to share it.

These methodologies, when used effectively, can significantly contribute to the reduction of conflicts, improvement of performance, and increase of profitability within your organization.