Karl Perry, as a Conflict Resolution Practitioner, helps companies increase performance by addressing and resolving conflicts that hinder productivity or profitability. He uses a combination of methodologies including the Evaporating Cloud method from the Theory of Constraints, psychological assessments, and Interest Based Problem Solving. These methods aid in resolving intra-personal, inter-personal, and systemic conflicts within an organization.

He also focuses on improving commercial responsibility, customer value, and fostering a constructive culture, known as the 3C’s, which often have inherent tensions between them. By managing these aspects effectively, organizations can reduce internal conflicts and inefficiencies, which in turn can lead to better performance and higher profits.

Additionally, through his coaching programs, MYMindset® and MYLeadership®, Karl Perry provides practical strategies for effective communication, collaboration, and personal growth, leading to a more engaged and efficient workforce. This holistic approach, addressing individuals, teams, and the larger organization system, ultimately supports a company’s performance and profitability.