MYMindset®, or Master Your Mindset, is a comprehensive course that uses the globally recognised Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI) and Circumplex model to help you understand and change your thinking and behavioural styles. The LSI is a psychological tool, from Human Synergistics International, that uses self-assessment to identify individual thinking styles and presents them on a circumplex diagram so you can see your current mindset.

We teach you to use the “Evaporating Cloud” and “Three Cloud Method” from the Theory of Constraints to help you work out what to change, what to change to and how to change. We call this powerful technique a “Mindset Cloud” and it allows you to pinpoint your personal leverage points—the specific areas where small changes can yield the greatest return on your investment of effort. 

Based on research from leading experts:

Our MYMindset® program is a unique synergy of approaches from leading experts in the field of personal growth and development. We’ve brought together the best strategies and techniques from Robert Kegan, Lisa Lahey, Brené Brown, Carol Dweck, Abraham Maslow, Daniel Kahneman, Clayton Lafferty, Rob Cook, and Eliyahu and Efrat Goldratt.