Personal growth and self-awareness have become paramount in a fast changing world. Yet, often, the roadblocks we face aren’t external, but rather internal conflicts of our own creation. Enter the “Mindset Cloud,” a transformative tool designed to visualize, understand, and address these inner battles.

The “Mindset Cloud” is a concept coined by Karl Perry at It is extensively used in the MYMindset® and MYLeadership® courses and taught in the MYCoaching® course.

Mindset Cloud: A Conceptual Overview

A “Mindset Cloud” is a systemic Evaporating Cloud. It is a paradox. It’s aligned to Efrat’s Cloud which is also a paradox. A Mindset Cloud is a structured method for visualizing, understanding, and addressing conflicting beliefs, desires, and behaviors within an individual’s mindset. It serves as a tool to:

  1. Identify Conflicts: Recognize contradictory beliefs, desires, or actions that may be preventing an individual from achieving a particular goal or maintaining a desired state of mind.
  2. Uncover Underlying Needs: Dive deep into the root causes or needs that underlie these conflicts, to understand what drives or justifies the current mindset.
  3. Highlight Assumptions: Determine the often unstated or hidden beliefs or assumptions that hold the conflicting elements in place, and which might be limiting growth or change.
  4. Facilitate Growth: By understanding and addressing these conflicts and assumptions, individuals can work towards evaporating them, leading to personal growth, changed behaviors, and improved well-being.
  5. Support Coaching and Personal Development: In a coaching or course context, the Mindset Cloud can be a framework for guided introspection. Coaches can facilitate clients’ understanding of their own conflicts and guide them towards resolution and growth.

There is no single Mindset Cloud. There are as many Mindset Clouds as there are beliefs. And they are constantly emerging. But, when you find your current set of Mindset Clouds and you begin the work of evaporating them they bring a sense of harmony that is unparralled.