The Evaporating Cloud is a tool from the Theory of Constraints, which is used in conflict resolution. It’s a diagram that visually represents a conflict, helping to identify and challenge the underlying assumptions that are causing the conflict.

The method works by laying out the two conflicting actions or desires, as well as the shared goal they both aim to achieve, and the needs they each fulfill. By visualizing the conflict in this way, it becomes easier to identify the core problem and find a resolution.

The Evaporating Cloud method can be particularly effective because it encourages a shift in thinking from a win-lose mentality to a win-win situation. By challenging the assumptions and finding a way for both sides of a conflict to achieve their needs without compromising the shared goal, it’s possible to ‘evaporate’ the conflict, hence the name.

This method is versatile and can be applied to intra-personal conflicts (within an individual), inter-personal conflicts (between individuals or teams), and systemic conflicts (within an organization). This makes it a powerful tool in problem-solving and conflict resolution.

Evaporating cloud