“We are in the middle of one of the most profound shifts in human history, where the primary work of mankind is moving from the Industrial Age of “control” to the Knowledge Worker Age of “release.”

Stephen R Covey

For centuries people have organised themselves into collective groups. We all know that when we work together, it is possible to achieve more security and satisfaction than we can alone as individuals.

But, somewhere in our pursuit of higher-performing organisations, this intuition got lost in favour of a focus on cost and efficiency. While it worked in the industrial age multiple business and economic failures because of the increasingly Variable, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) business environment led to a new drive toward consumer satisfaction. 

As we move out of the ‘Industrial Age’ and into the ‘Knowledge Age’ there is a slowly emerging understanding that we need to listen to our intuition. We need to create environments where we can work together, learn from each other, bring our contribution to the table and achieve greater collective satisfaction.

If your organisation is like most, you are already placing a greater focus on teamwork rather than individual decision making. This focus makes productive teamwork critical to success, which means you must work constructively and effectively with others. 

Our High Performance through Engagement (HPtE) approach to building High Performance Teams combines consulting, coaching, training, and process facilitation while solving real and valuable workplace problems. 


We believe that the best way to start any coaching, training or facilitation is to get reliable and robust data. That is why we are Accredited Practitoners in the Human Synergistics International range of assessment tools.

What sets us apart is from most practitioners is our use of powerful systems things processes to accelerate progress.

Master Classes

Designed and customised to meet your specific needs, our Master Classes provide the best possible experience for executives, managers, team leaders, facilitators to be about to help their teams think it through, make better decisions and achieve greater results.

Process consultation

Our consulting practice focuses on coaching and developing team leaders, members, champions and high-performance teams to achieve extraordinary results. We work in partnership with our clients to develop implementation strategies, training materials and measures of success so your teams can achieve higher workplace performance.

What really sets us apart is our High Performance through Engagement Strategy (HPtE Strategy®) Framework.

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working alongside Karl as we introduced a more collaborative workplace across Air New Zealand. Karl has a unique and extremely valuable skill set within the philosophy and practical implementation of High Performance Engagement. He has rich and real capabilities in this space to think and engage strategically with internal and external stakeholders, build effective and improved working relationships, and facilitate workshops & training sessions across all levels of complex organisations. His toolbox and methods, combined with his deep understanding of human and organizational psychology, enable him to be a trusted & impartial partner and advisor. I would absolutely recommend Karl to any organisation serious about creating a High Performance Engagement workplace.

Patrick Behrendt – General Manager (SVP) of Continuous Improvement | Includes Operations Research and PMO

Air New Zealand

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