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Introducing the Mastery Series

The Mastery Series will help you to master your thinking and behaviour.

It will help you to increase your personal and professional satisfaction through constant improvement in your ability to lead yourself and others.

It will help you to leave behind your instinct-full needs for security and to be more vulnerable and authentic so you can become true to yourself and your full potential.

Are you tired of:

  • Being at war with yourself and feeling like you’re your own worst enemy
  • Having one foot on the pedal and one foot on the brake and getting nowhere
  • Feeling like your brain, body and beliefs are holding you back
  • Playing it safe to avoid risk, failure and putting yourself out there
  • Watching everyone else succeed and thrive, knowing full well that it could’ve and should’ve been you last week, last month, last year
  • Stalling, stagnating and clinging to the status quo to stay comfortable at your own expense
  • Carrying the burden of mounting aspirations but struggling to turn your good intentions into real action

Perhaps you are just tired of repeating the same poor behaviours that you know don’t work for you despite your best efforts not to do them!

And, are you ready to:

  • Understand your thoughts and behaviours better than ever before
  • Learn how to author your own thoughts and behaviours 
  • Create better connections with loved ones
  • Strengthen your relationships at work
  • Fast-track your learning now and in the future
  • Fuel your own growth
  • Increase your confidence and satisfaction
  • Get more done as a person and with others
  • Finish everything you start

The Mastery Series will take you from self-awareness to self-transforming in a fast, safe and measurable way.


Master Your Mindset is the foundation programme. It includes the world-class self-assessment from Human Synergistics International – the Life Styles Inventory™ 1.


Master Your Leadership builds on the foundation programme and adds feedback from others in a safe and useable way. It includes the Life Styles Inventory™ 1 & 2.

MYLeadership™ Plus

Master Your Leadership Plus is a corporate offering that adds a 360-degree feedback. It includes the Life Styles Inventory™ 1 & 2 with breakout profiles.

Introducing Karl Perry, creator of the Mastery Series.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve worked across the globe with clients who are seeking to become High Performance Organisations. Through my propriety HPTE Strategy® framework, MYMindset®, MYLeadership™ and MYCoaching™ programmes I provide strategic guidance, facilitation, training and coaching. 

I have literally helped thousands of people change their thinking and behaviour. 

And now I’ve taken my years of top-tier consulting expertise to create three best-in-class private and exclusive one-on-one coaching experiences. 

A safe, fast and measurable way to change your mindset.

It is safe!

Karl can quickly and methodically bring clarity to frustrating and hidden challenges, while maintaining an exceptional degree of safety

“Karl has a brilliant and very well thought out approach to leadership coaching. His “special sauce” is a combination of method and presence. Karl can quickly and methodically bring clarity to frustrating and hidden challenges, while maintaining an exceptional degree of safety.

Through coaching sessions with Karl I have been able to identify and start to address several areas of personal and professional growth, and have also picked up important lessons in refined coaching technique.

I highly recommend Karl’s coaching and look forward to him sharing and further developing his approach!”

Daniel Prager

It is fast!

Overall I would say that this course is a great way to find and work with psychological constraints

“I have participated in Karl Perry’s course Master Your Mindset. His integration of the Evaporating Clouds from Theory of Constraints (TOC) and the LSI Circumplex is fascinating.

Karl has a well-balanced approach of the right technological tools and live coaching session. Despite being – literally – on the other side of the globe, with 12 hours of time difference, everything worked seamlessly.

Using an approach that took a self-reported assessment of my own thinking, Karl managed to shed new light on old patterns. The reassessment at the end of the course demonstrated beyond doubt the impact of the course.

Overall I would say that this course is a great way to find and work with psychological constraints”

Søren Skjold Andersen

It is measurable!

“I don’t know if he was born this way, or he somehow learned it, but Karl is IMHO astonishingly clever about how people work.

He uses this skill, combined with Eli Goldratt’s ToC Thinking Processes, to help individuals and groups gain unique insights into what they need to change, what they need to change to and, how to implement change in order to achieve sustainable high performance.

He uses his approach – called High Performance through Engagement Strategy (HPtE Strategy®) – to help clients across the globe, providing strategic guidance, operational support, facilitation, mediation, culture measures, psychometric assessments, coaching and training.

He is – literally – an astonishingly good thinking coach.”

Clarke “the bottleneck guy” Ching

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Measure your current thinking and/or behaviour styles

The best way to start any coaching programme is with reliable data about how you think and behave. This is literally a picture of your mindset!

We will be using the Life Styles Inventory™ to help you develop Constructive thinking and behavioral styles that are proven to be related to job performance, quality of interpersonal relationships, and problem-solving effectiveness.

Supported by Human Synergistics International, a world leader in psychological assessment for over 50 years.

Develop an action plan and act

Using systems thinking you will take a deep dive into your current mindset and develop an action plan to achieve your desired future mindset. You will have professional support all the way to help you take action.

Re-test and celebrate

You will know you have succeeded by the real results you are experiencing in your life and you will have measurable proof that your mindset has changed.

It will be time to celebrate!

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