Why a Personal Performance Coach?

Personal Performance Coaching will help you discover your thinking styles. Research by Human Synergistics International has established that certain "constructive styles" of thinking lead to: Feelings of satisfactionIncreased effectivenessImproved well-beingMore creativityReduced stressHigher salary levelsGreater job responsibilitiesProfessional success Other, more "defensive styles" of thinking, will act like a handbrake. A thinking coach will improve your personal … Continue reading Why a Personal Performance Coach?

How to create an environment​ for breakthrough results in any team.

Team breakthroughs require a combination of skill and expertise,  constructive interpersonal behaviour and systems thinking. How big the breakthrough is depends on the quality of the decision, multiplied by the degree to which the decision is accepted by those who must implement it.  Quality and Acceptance is brought about through consensus decision making. Skill and … Continue reading How to create an environment​ for breakthrough results in any team.

How Culture Works

What is culture? 'Culture' is a term that has become an important part of any organisation's vocabulary and a defining characteristic when talking about the organisation to both employees and customers. However, what it really means, how it works, and the impact it has on performance are often misunderstood. At Human Synergistics International, they define "culture" … Continue reading How Culture Works

How to measure thinking and behaviour

There are many psychometric assessment tools in the market place. Our preference is to use the Human Synergistics range of tools.  Human Synergistics provides an Integrated Development System – a multi-level system for human performance measurement and development.  The system highlights the relationship between the individual, the group and the organisation in creating effective change programs, both … Continue reading How to measure thinking and behaviour