Overcoming resistance to change.

In order to experience happiness we need satisfaction. In order to get satisfaction we want to change. But, In order to experience happiness we need security. In order to have security we don’t want to change. When we feel pressure to change and we feel pressure not to change we resist change and end up … Continue reading Overcoming resistance to change.

How we resist change.

In a previous post I described Efrat's Cloud, a very effective way to explain why we resist change. Human thinking and behaviour is very complex.  In order to make something complex easier to understand a picture can paint a thousand words.  While Efrat's cloud is a picture that describes the dynamics of our thinking and … Continue reading How we resist change.

Why we resist change.

"There is a cloud that, in a way, haunts me, or at least I keep finding it everywhere that I look, and that is Efrat’s Cloud." - Dr. Kelvyn Youngman. In 1995 Efrat Goldratt was a Ph.D. student in Israel.  She is the daughter of Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt who conceived the Theory of Constraints Thinking … Continue reading Why we resist change.