The experience that a great leader creates is hard to describe, but people just feel and perform better around them.

Great leaders understand the importance of culture and what it means for bottom line profits. They understand that whilst strategy is about direction, culture and their own leadership is about execution.

Leaders shape culture through their own personal approach as well as through the decisions they make about how the organisation will be structured and the systems they implement to motivate performance.

At we have been coaching Senior Executives and Leaders for several years.  We have discovered that there are four main obstacles in the way of creating an environment where Leaders can develop a breakthrough plan for their own development:

Lack of good feedback:

Being perceived as a great leader depends on the perception of how others see you. The traditional approach of asking people for feedback is context driven, biased and often based on the agenda of others.

Because of this we use a well respected 360 degree assessment tool that measures both thinking and behaviour. The way the assessment is structured removes the impact of the context, any bias that exists and other peoples agenda’s.

One step closer to a breakthrough strategy.

Stress of receiving feedback:

When we are anxious we don’t think clearly. Receiving feedback significantly increases our level of anxiety making it almost impossible to think clearly.

Because of this we have designed a process based on how the brain works (neuroscience), that removes most of the anxiety and creates an internal environment for powerful insights.

Two steps closer to a breakthrough strategy!

The Coach bringing content:

Inexperienced coaches take a ‘giving advice’ or ‘telling’ approach.  The problem is you have more skill, intuition and experience in your industry, organisation or world than any coach will ever have. Your organisation is unique and so are you.  You will only accept the advice from a coach if it is consistent with what you already know.  This will limit breakthrough thinking.

Because of this we have designed a Socratic coaching experience that assumes people have the intuition, knowledge and experience within them to achieve breakthrough results they are after.  Our job as coach is to help you articulate that intuition, knowledge and experience and use it to help you problem solve.

Three steps closer to a breakthrough strategy!!

Fragmented thinking:

External pressures such as the slowing economy, increasing competition, increased scrutiny by regulators and the impact of social media, create a level of stressful intensity that drives leaders to rely on reflex responses to solve problems.  This causes fragmented thinking.  According to Human Synergistics Australia 71% of business Leaders experience fragmented thinking that negatively impacts on  workplace decision making, culture and performance.

Because of this we have designed a coaching experience around scientific methodology that creates a more focused mind.  But this is only part of the solution.

We have also designed the coaching experience around systemic thinking processes to connect left brain thinking with right brain thinking.  By applying systemic thinking to human behaviour we create a holistic approach which connects head, heart and gut to create an environment where ‘aha’ moments are almost bound to occur.

A Breakthrough Strategy in less than 300 minutes:

We have refined, practiced and tested our coaching experience to the point of being able to guarantee a breakthrough Leadership plan in less than 300 minutes.


The rest of the story belongs to our clients …

“Karl challenged me to think about my leadership style in a way that allowed me to drill down to actual actions, using 360 degree feedback. My sessions were thought provoking, interesting and really engaging – highly recommend for anyone interested in developing their personal leadership”

Kate Lancaster

“I really enjoyed working with Karl on producing Life Style Inventories and associated action plans for myself and my team. I was very impressed with the approach Karl took to the action planning and I got a lot out of it. Karl’s intelligent and change-oriented approach to the work also generated very positive feedback from team members.”

Brendan Mosely

“Our senior leadership team worked with Karl on individual leadership coaching using the LSI from Human Synergistics, and I found the entire experience to be productive and of good value. Karl’s deep fund of knowledge around the LSI, coupled with his expert coaching skills, provided the support for open and constructive exploration of my leadership. Moreover, Karl has been blessed with a good dose of common sense, and he uses it well in his work. I would give him my highest recommendation for future engagement with the University.”

Scott Diener

Here is our offer:

In 300 minutes (1 x 30 minute self-assessment and 3 x 90 minute coaching sessions) you will gain a deeper insight into your Leadership behaviour and will know exactly what you need to work on to fulfil more of your true Leadership potential no matter how successful you already are.

We will conduct a full 360 degree survey of people who you trust and who will give you objective and reliable feedback.  You will receive a comprehensive personal report as well as a Self-Development Guide to help you implement your plan.

Our unique breakthrough coaching process comprises 3 x 90 minute sessions.  Pay for each session as you go and spread the cost.

To make your decision to engage us completely risk free, if, after participating in all of the sessions, you decide you got no value from the coaching simply notify us in writing within two weeks of your final session with your reasons and we will fully refund the coaching portion of our fee. You have nothing to lose, and a lot to gain.

As Steve Jobs always said … there is “One more thing…”

We want you to succeed with your breakthrough strategy.  In addition to your 300 minutes with we will provide you with a confidential online space where you can keep in touch with your coach virtually, at no cost, for a period of six months after your first session.

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