Welcome, to the first post on my “Rising Above The Clouds: A Travel Blog”. This blog marks the beginning of an exciting new journey where I will share stories, insights, and reflections from my travels around the globe.

As a Conflict Resolution Practitioner, I utilize the Evaporating Cloud method from the Theory of Constraints, among other strategies, to help individuals, teams, and organizations navigate conflicts towards more harmony. This method, which focuses on identifying and challenging assumptions that underlie conflicts, serves as a guiding principle in my professional and personal life.

The blog title, “Rising Above The Clouds”, reflects this approach. When we rise above our metaphorical ‘clouds’ of conflict, we gain a broader perspective and are better equipped to challenge the assumptions that feed these conflicts. It is this perspective – this ability to ‘rise above’ – that I aim to bring to my travels and share with you through this blog.

Here, I will be sharing stories of my travels around the world, intertwined with reflections on conflict, its value and how to leverage it. From “The Cloud Gate” art installation in Chicago to exploring the various portrayals of Abraham Lincoln around the globe, these stories are more than travel anecdotes. They serve as living illustrations of how evaporating conflict plays out on a global stage.

This blog is not just about recounting my travels but exploring the intersection of culture, history, and conflict resolution. Each post is an opportunity to delve deeper into conflict and identify potential pathways towards resolution and harmony.

So, I invite you to join me on this journey. As we traverse across continents, cultures, and histories, we will explore how the principles of conflict and its evaporation resonate in every corner of the world.

With an open mind and a heart full of anticipation, I am ready to embark on this journey of exploration and growth. Come with me.

Here’s to rising above conflict, one cloud at a time.

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