“And your last observation highlights why Inherent Simplicity is so helpful. Inherent Simplicity recognizes that as we dive down, causes converge. Convergence means that each meaningful cause is responsible not for just one effect, but for more than one. Believing in Inherent Simplicity assures us that for any meaningful cause there are at least two different effects.”

“I see.”

“The belief in Inherent Simplicity gives the assurance that at least one more effect exists; we just have to enlarge the scope we are looking at in order to find it. Most people have enough intuition, and together with this assurance, after some practice, they are able to easily come up with additional effects to verify or refute a claimed cause. Inherent Simplicity opens the door to verifying an abstract entity.”

“Abstract entities?”

“Entities like atoms or enzymes. Has anybody ever seen an atom or an enzyme? Has anybody talked to them or touched one? They probably do exist, but we know it through logic and not through the direct information of our senses.”

— The Choice, Revised Edition by Eliyahu M. Goldratt, Efrat Goldratt-Ashlag

In people, abstract entities are our beliefs. Some of our beliefs are hidden in our unconscious. They are old policies the reason for which they exist has long been forgotten.

Inherent simplicity opens the door to discovering our hidden beliefs.

That is useful because it is our hidden beliefs that usually get us stuck.

Inherent Simplicity is a foundation in our online coaching programmes.