You may have developed high levels of ‘oppositional’ thinking and behaviour that could be acting as a handbrake on your success.

Hi, I am Karl Perry.

I can coach you to develop thinking habits that create success.

Some thinking habits act as a handbrake on success.

Let’s check that handbrake for you.

The more these statements describe you, the more ‘oppositional’ you are at the moment:

  • Suspicious
  • Sarcastic and hostile
  • Critical of others behind their backs
  • Seldom say what you really think
  • Have few close relationships
  • Difficult to impress
  • Seldom gather enough information before you oppose things
  • Defensive ib the face of criticism
  • Blame others for your mistakes
  • Stubborn; slow to forgive a wrong

If you think any of these statements describe you then your ‘oppositional’ thinking on the circumplex could be high.

Oppositional thinking style.

‘Oppositional’ thinking is a security based style and will act as a handbrake.

Handbrakes on your success.

The good news is that you can change this!

With the right coaching and support you can take the handbrake off and speed up your success by using thinking styles that accelerate your performance.

Speed up your success.
Accelerators of performance.

If ‘oppositional’ is a handbrake for you, here are a couple of suggestions to get you started. Just pick one for now and come back next week to try another:

  • Realise that instead of admiring you for your oppositional stands, others probably view you as an obstacle to overcome.
  • Withhold the urge to reject an idea until you fully understand it. If you don’t understand something, say so. Try asking thoughtful, constructive questions and really listening to the answer.
  • See others’ criticism of you in a more positive light. Evaluate what the person is saying. Is the criticism valid and constructive? Can you gain something from this feedback that will help you improve your performance?
  • Praise others more often. If you like something, say so. Don’t criticise something or someone merely out of habit.
  • Recognise that others have something valuable to contribute. Seek out others’ opinions and consider them objectively. Listen more attentively to those around you.

Let me know in the comments which one you are working on this week and I will check in with you in a week. If you prefer you can email or message me.

That is the DIY Coaching option.

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