You may have developed high levels of ‘perfectionistic’ thinking and behaviour that could be acting as a handbrake on your success.

Hi, I am Karl Perry.

I can help you to develop thinking habits that create success.

Some thinking habits act as a handbrake on success.

Let’s check that handbrake for you.

The more these statements describe you, the more ‘perfectionistic’ you are at the moment:

  • Impatient with what you perceive as the incompetence of others
  • Feel driven to prove yourself
  • Rarely feel a true sense of accomplishment; nothing is ever good enough
  • Often irritable and angry
  • Distrust feelings and people
  • Demanding of others
  • Feel as if you have to be more than you are
  • Frequently surprised by your irritability and anger

If you think any of these statements describe you then your ‘perfectionistic’ thinking on the circumplex could be high.

Perfectionistic thinking style.

‘Perfectionistic’ thinking is a security based style and will act as a handbrake.

Handbrakes on your success.

The good news is that you can change this!

With the right coaching and support you can take the handbrake off and speed up your success by using thinking styles that accelerate your performance.

Speed up your success.
Accelerators of performance.

If ‘perfectionistic’ thinking is a handbrake for you, here are a couple of suggestions to get you started. Just pick one for now and come back next week to try another:

  • Recognise that your drive to be perfect is self-defeating and that it is rooted in your basic values about life. Confronting and understanding the origin of your perfectionism can help you work to change your behaviour.
  • Understand that your work is not your worth. While it is part of you, it is not your entirety. Your feelings of self-worth are not exculsivly tied to how hard you work, or how effective you are on the job.
  • Talk about your behaviour with someone who knows you well. Get this person’s input on the potnetial causes of your perfectionism. Ask him or her to support your efforts to change.
  • Alter your stabdards in some activity, just to see how the results differ. Lowering your expectations might enable you to perform the task more effectively and gain satisfaction from doing it. Reducing your unrealistic standards frees you up to plunge right in and get going.
  • Improve your relationships. Your perfectionism may be keeping others away. Work on expressing your positive feelings first.
  • Try being less hard on yourself and less demanding on others.
  • Recongnise that giving up ypur perfectionistic behaviour will actually improve your ability to accomplish things.
  • Arrange for professional help if your perfectionistic is high. Unless confronted and changed, perfectionism can lead to obsessive-compulsive behaviour.

Let me know in the comments which one you are working on this week and I will follow up with you within a week. If you prefer you can email me.

That is the DIY Coaching option.

If you want fast success, here is a link to the paid option: click here.

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