You may have developed high levels of ‘competitive’ thinking and behaviour that could be acting as a handbrake on your success.

Hi, I am Karl Perry.

I can help you to develop thinking habits that create success.

Some thinking habits act as a handbrake on success.

Let’s check that handbrake for you.

The more these statements describe you, the more ‘competitive’ you are at the moment:

  • Need to win at all costs
  • Very upset by losing; tend to rationalise the loss and discount the competition
  • Always have to be right
  • Excessively concerned with being noticed
  • Think of life as a contest to be won
  • Constantly compare yourself to others
  • Try too hard to impress
  • Often manipulative; a “game player”
  • Need to be admired

If you think any of these statements describe you then your ‘competitive’ thinking on the circumplex could be high.

Competitive thinking style.

‘Competitive’ thinking is a security based style and will act as a handbrake.

Handbrakes on your success.

The good news is that you can change this!

With the right coaching and support you can take the handbrake off and speed up your success by using thinking styles that accelerate your performance.

Speed up your success.
Accelerators of performance.

If ‘competitive’ thinking is a handbrake for you, here are a couple of suggestions to get you started. Just pick one for now and come back next week to try another:

  • Focus on pursuing your own goals and striving for quality results. A healthy desire to do things well is what makes achievers successful.
  • Participate in recreational sports strictly for fun. Measure the success of the game by the improvement in your performance.
  • Accept that fact that you can’t be “the best” at everything. Your abilities and talents make you unique. Learn to recognise and appreciate what you do well.
  • When you make a mistake or perform poorly, resist the urge to obsess over it or blame others. Accept the situation, learn from it, and move on.
  • Do your best to produce excellent results. This is far more productive than focusing on winning. Not only will the quality of your work improve, but you’ll feel a greater sense of satisfaction.
  • Collaborate on a project and work closely with another person. Cooperating rather than competing will increase your effectiveness.
  • Remember that losing at something doesn’t mean you didn’t perform well. Only you can apply the label “loser” to yourself.

Let me know in the comments which one you are working on this week and I will follow up with you within a week. If you prefer you can email me.

That is the DIY Coaching option.

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