“Why get a coach?”

“Why use the Life Styles Inventory?”

“What is a ‘circumplex’?”

I answer these questions and more in my Personal Performance Coaching programme.

Hi, I am Karl Perry from YourThinkingCoach.com.

We will also take a deep dive into the programme with:

  • an introduction video from the Human Synergistics International Summer Conference in Zürich, Switzerland
  • a free downloadable product brochure and circumplex handout
  • an explanation of the circumplex
  • information on the history and key researchers behind the circumplex model
  • research on the impact that the Life Styles Inventory™ has on performance
  • data on the reliability and validity of the tools …

But, why stop there…

Let me personally take you on a guided tour through the programme.

I will show you how the course works, explain the assessment process, give you a glimpse of the 75-page Self-Development Guide, the coaching sessions, video content and more.

We can do all of this from any where in the world.

Click the picture below to get started:

Oh, and one more thing – you could get started for just $1 (NZD).