As human beings, we have the capacity for curiosity as well as logic and reason but the way our brains sometimes work against us.

Over time, we develop thinking and behaviours that don’t serve us as well as they used to. Sometimes that old thinking and behaviour causes us problems and reduces our ability to make good decisions and get the results we deserve.

The good news is that logical thinking can be facilitated and learnt. By using a scientific approach to rational thought, we can test our thinking, beliefs and behaviour systematically against our current reality. This enables us to take an empirical and objective approach to our worlds. What is more, a scientific approach to logical thinking can be learnt and reinforced by facilitation and the development of new habits.

Once we develop our logical thinking skills and really begin to examine our beliefs systematically, it can be incredibly empowering. Logical thinking skills provide an alternative form of security that frees us from the need to use defensively based beliefs and behaviours. It can also be very liberating. It liberates us from our old and mutually incompatible beliefs that we tend to hold because of our emotional makeup.

Facilitated and learnt logical thinking skills are both empowering, liberating and a pathway to more constructive and productive thinking and behaviour.

They could be a pathway to your next breakthrough.