At we have been exploring mindfulness. We discovered that it is just one of a set of 8 Buddhist principles that support and reinforce each other. Here is our take on it:

  • Right Understanding – Sammā ditthi – Try it out for yourself and then decide.
  • Right Intention – Sammā san̄kappa – Commit to more constructive thinking.
  • Right Speech – Sammā vācā – Practice more constructive language in your day to day work.
  • Right Action – Sammā kammanta – Increase constructive behaviour each day; refrain from aggressive/defensive or passive/defensive behaviour.
  • Right Livelihood – Sammā ājīva – Make your leadership of others a means for good not of exploitation.
  • Right Effort – Sammā vāyāma – Cultivate constructive states of thinking and behaviour.
  • Right Mindfulness – Sammā sati – Develop awareness of your body. Your body position can change your state of mind.
  • Right Concentration – Sammā samādhi – Develop your thinking. Get clarity.

There is no doubt that there is power in being aware of your body and mind. Just take a look at Amy Cuddy’s Ted video:

This could be the start of your mindfulness practice in just two minutes a day. – Bringing Clarity at Velocity for your next Breakthrough