Traditional personality profiles such as Myers- Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI), FIRO B, DiSC® and Hogan instruments are very useful in terms of providing information when used in individual coaching sessions with an experienced and accredited coach.

The upside of these tools is that they show you what your predisposition is to certain thinking and behaviour.

The downside to personality based tools is that they are difficult to use as a benchmark. Personality, in general, stays the same unless we have a significant life event. If the tool is robust and reliable we should get the same results every time we do it. I am an ENTJ and have been for years.

Thinking styles and behaviour based tools on the other hand can be used as a benchmark and a measure of personal change. Because of this our preference is to use the Human Synergistics range of tools. We also see value in an Integrated Development System when working with teams and organisations as a whole.

Never the less – want to find out what your personality profile is?

Here is a link to a free online personality profile. Let us know how accurate you think it is.

Personality Test