It is often suggested that companies who have a small handful of (no more than 3) strategic objectives have higher profits and revenue growth – compared to those who have a longer list of objectives (or worse, no clear strategic objectives at all).

Why would it be any different for your own leadership growth?

I find it tragic that a high percentage of Leaders who have gone to the effort of getting feedback about their leadership behaviour using the Human Synergistics Life-Style Inventory (or any other 360 degree tool for that matter) haven’t defined their Personal Strategy and 3 key supporting Objectives. Is it any wonder they struggle to make the changes they want.

The root of the problem is that too many leaders (and some coaches) grab hastily for what seems like the next answer to their development. They blindly follow the latest trend or whatever they see their colleagues doing. They don’t use a disciplined strategic planning methodology to decide the critical few strategic moves that will lead to their future success. They end up stretched thin, trying to do a little bit of everything and compromising their own growth.  That is what companies often do as well.

What do successful leaders do?

Successful leaders carefully choose their path to future leadership success. They take the time to understand what it is they need to change (and why), they clearly articulate what they want to change to (and why) and they define a Personal Strategic Direction and supporting Objectives (the direction of the how).

Only then do they look around at the latest trends and practices to see how those methods fit with their personal direction and what they should personally be implementing.

Take a look at your own Personal Development Plan with your Strategic Planning eyes.

How confident are you that you will be successful with your personal change?

“Just wanted to share this amazing experience I have had today in doing a deep dive with my LSI results. 

My last LSI was done in May 2011, so some time ago. At the time I was given a very brief overview of what the result meant and was left to my own devices to do with this as I saw fit. Fair to say that I haven’t spent much time understanding the results as it didn’t make sense to me! 

Today I have spent 3 hours with Karl Perry actually understanding what the results meant and what my areas of focus need to be to enable me to be an amazing leader in our business.

This 3 hour session was one of the best self development opportunities I have had as a leader and I really want to recommend that when we invest in LSI for our people that we allow them to have this experience. 

I can’t speak highly enough for what Karl has done for me today.

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