Once upon a time people believed that personal breakthroughs were rare and limited to the ‘fortunate’ ones.

Everyday people would put up with things about themselves that frustrated and bothered them.  Procrastination, old habits, dis-engagement, resistance to change, frustration and stress where just a few of the symptoms.

Until one day, after looking for ways to accelerate the coaching process, we discovered that by combining a psychometric assessment tool and some powerful logical thinking processes we could help people rapidly (in less than 180 minutes) have a personal breakthrough.

Using this approach with Senior Executives and Leaders in large service based companies has proven to be highly effective with most clients having personal breakthroughs within 180 minutes.

We believe that this type of coaching should be accessible to anyone who wants to achieve rapid personal success so we are now making it available to aspirational individuals at an affordable price, with a money back guarantee that has absolutely no risk.

Before you decide if this is right for you read what a selection of our clients have to say:

Breakthrough Thinking

“Just wanted to share this amazing experience I have had today in doing a deep dive with my LSI results.

My last LSI was done in May 2011, so some time ago.  At the time I was given a very brief overview of what the results meant and was left to my own devices to do with this as I saw fit.  Fair to say I haven’t spent much time understanding the results as it didn’t make sense to me!

Today (2013) I have spent 3 hours with Karl Perry actually understanding what the results meant and what my areas of focus need to be to enable me to be an amazing leader in our business.

This 3 hour session was one of the best self development opportunities I have had as a leader and I really want to recommend that when we invest in LSI for our people that we allow them to have this experience.

I can’t speak highly enough for what Karl has done for me today.”

Rebecca Paterson

“Working through the 180 minute “Breakthrough Thinking” process with Karl was like a light bulb being switched on. The process combined with Karl’s focused, personable and expert coaching allowed me to identify and understand both how I think, and how the conflicts created by my thinking process were holding me back. I left with a breakthrough strategy for myself supported by three personal objectives.

The best way I can describe the impact of this is that it feels like I’m taking my foot off the break. I experienced the benefit of this experience less than two hours after completing the process when a new business opportunity appeared which I would not normally have seen, or been excited by.”

Lisa McCarthy

I recently engaged Karl to help me create a step-change in my productivity at work. I thought I was quite self-aware, so I was surprised and delighted when the three things we identified to improve included two things I had been aware of, and one thing that I had not been aware of. Interestingly enough, there was a common root cause between these three which was at the same time incredibly insightful and elegant in its simplicity.

The process Karl facilitated was the ‘180 mins to breakthrough’, which gave me fresh insight into my strengths and how my thinking had been holding me back. In just over 2 hours, we identified a strategy and four actions to improve my productivity at work and to enjoy work more. The two issues I had been aware of I had not been able to solve before. I am confident that the strategy and actions we identified address the core of these issues, and create a practical, sustainable solution.

This process is unique, extremely effective and has helped me shift into a new gear as a leader. I’m excited to see the results that reframing my thinking will produce. I highly recommend Karl to anyone who is looking for results, fast.

Linden Vazey

Take the next step – here is our offer to you:

In one 180 minute session you will gain a deeper insight into your own thinking and will know exactly what you need to work on to fulfil more of your true potential and increase your satisfaction, no matter how successful you already are.

Normally, a personal breakthrough like this would take over $1000 dollars worth of expert coaching. This is easy for large corporates with leadership programmes and development budgets but out of reach for most individuals.  We don’t believe breakthrough results should be limited to corporates.

To make your decision to engage us completely risk free you decide how much you will pay after participating in the session.  At the end of 180 minutes we will ask you what percentage of our fee you are are willing to or are able to pay and that is all you will pay – no questions asked. (this offer is currently only available in Auckland, NZ but don’t let that stop you making contact for a chat.)

This is personal coaching that is guaranteed to be affordable and risk free.

As Steve Jobs always said … there is “One more thing…”

We want you to succeed with your breakthrough.  In addition to your 180 minute session with YourThinkingCoach.com we will provide you with a confidential online space where you can keep in touch with your coach virtually, at no cost, for a period of three months after your session.

Affordable, guaranteed and risk free – you have nothing to lose and just imagine what you could gain.

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